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Request for Proposal: Asphalt Art Project 2021

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Request for Proposal: Asphalt Art Project 2021


Request for Proposal: Asphalt Art Project 2021

Friendship Community Group

Project Summary
Friendship Community Group (FCG) is seeking an artist or artist collective to paint
street art at the intersection of Roup, Fairmount and Harriet beside Baum Grove in the
Friendship neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The artist will engage the community on design
elements and organize volunteers to paint the street. The project is a traffic calming
project with goals of improving the intersection safety for both pedestrians and vehicles.
RFP applications are due April 12, 2021, the project will be designed in May and June
with installation in July and August. The budget is $15,000 for the artist. Paint and
supplies will be provided by the FCG; subject to agreement with the artist. All artists and
artist collectives with experience in murals or similar projects are invited to apply;
preference will be given to applicants from the following Pittsburgh neighborhoods:
Friendship, Garfield, East Liberty and Bloomfield.

The project is supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Asphalt Art Initiative and the City
of Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI).

Project Description
This Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued by the Friendship Community Group (FCG)
and is seeking proposals by an artist or artist collective to paint curb extensions and two
pedestrian plazas at the intersection of Roup Avenue, Fairmount Street and Harriet
Street (the Intersection) in the Friendship neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh, PA
(the Project). These areas are shown on the attached site plan, and labeled as Plaza A
(3,095 sq. ft) and B (2,150 sq. ft) and curb extensions D (257 sq. ft), and C (304 sq. ft).
The Project attempts to radically improve the safety and beauty of the Intersection, and
will geometrically alter the Intersection through the creative use of asphalt art, bollards
and concrete planters. The new configuration of this Intersection will allow for four (4)
canvases for artists to display their creativity through the painting of asphalt. The four
canvases will be supplemented by new traffic control devices including, crosswalks,
concrete or other planters, new stop signs.

The City will install crosswalks, stop signs, and concrete planters, bollards or other
traffic delineators. The concrete planters, bollards, flex posts, or other delineators may
be considered part of the artistic canvas. The size, shape, and placement of these will
be determined by the DOMI design.

The artist will work in cooperation with FCG, the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of
Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), the City Art Commission and other City entities as

FCG will host two community meetings. At the first, the selected artist will engage the
community to develop an artistic design that reflects the community goals. A follow up
meeting, termed a Development Activities Meeting per City regulations, will allow the
artist to present the final design before it goes to the City Art Commission.

The project must be approved by the Art Commission. The artist or artist collective will
present to the Art Commission and make iterations if necessary. There will likely be
additional meetings with the City to ensure project compliance with all applicable
regulations and develop an installation plan.

The final installation will be done in one or two days at the most. The installation will be
a community event. We anticipate up to 30 volunteer neighbors to help paint on the
installation day or days.

Project Goals
This project seeks to improve our public space, calm traffic and add public art to a
community gathering center. Therefore the goals are multifaceted. Using the large
asphalt intersection, the project will enable vehicles to pass through safely and slowly
but also create gathering spaces and safe access through the intersection for
pedestrians of all abilities and ages.

The art should reflect the neighborhood and the community identity. Neighbors have
identified the following words to describe the community: Friendship, Unity, Hope,
Nature, and Harmony. We seek to create a sense of ownership in the project through
the artistic design, the design process, community engagement meetings, and assisting
with the installation.