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PERFORMENSK Festival 2019

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PERFORMENSK Festival 2019


The performans festival is the second season of the festival, which is aimed at presenting “live”, in other words “performing” art, i.e. such art, which is presented live here and now in front of the viewer. In particular, Performensk focuses on
– experimental theater
– performance
– sound art

we are looking for artists who will be invited to create “site-specific long duration” projects.

Application form for Performensk 2019 – international festival of performative art in Minsk, Belarus.
For further informations, do not hesitate to contact us at email: performensk@gmail.com
Applications can be submitted until 15st April 2019

Selected artists will be given the opportunity to short-term residence (no more than a week). During this time, they will be able to work on their individual projects as well as team up.
The term “long durational performance” means a promotion that lasts for several hours or several days.

The theme of this year’s festival is SPACE.

This is a broad topic that can be viewed from different angles. From a mathematical point of view, our current understanding of space is based mainly on the axioms of Euclidean geometry, which claims, for example, that the sum of angles in a triangle is 180 °, or that parallel lines do not intersect at any point in space.
In addition to mathematics or physics, we can talk about space in philosophy, where the philosophy of time and space is a separate direction. These concepts were investigated by Immanuel Kant, Gottfried Leibnitz and Martin Heidegger.
Many are inspired by the infinite outer space, as well as microcosm invisible to the human eye.
Space as a place to live is inseparable from our daily existence.
From the point of view of the mental space, there are expressions: “my head is clogged”, “a place under the sun” “I cannot find a place for myself”.
The space for self-realization of a person in society is very different and depends on his place of birth, social level, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.

For the Festival of Performansk we are interested in space in the context of art, as one of the main elements defining the artistic form.
How does the work of art and the space in which it is created correlate? Is it possible to transfer it to another space or is it inextricably linked to the place where it was created? What is the difference between portable projects created for theatrical “black box” or “white cube”, and “site-specific” projects, tightly tied to specific places? What are the dimensions of such a work of art? Is the work tiny, minimalist, almost invisible or, monumental?

There are many factors that influence the ability to be freely realized, “to have a place” for creativity. An important role is played by the economic situation. A financially well-off artist is much easier to create art for the simple reason that they can focus exclusively on creativity. The art market offers income, but also the risk of commodification. Content and form are adapted to grant projects, artists compete for subsidies, energy, instead of improving the creative process, is spent on self-promotion. The issue of censorship is also very problematic. The impossibility of free expression deforms the artistic work. While in some circles the value of art in society is recognized, in others it becomes only an auxiliary component of the ruling ideology.


-> technical equipment
-> platforms for the project
-> documentation
-> accommodation
-> PR
-> assistance in obtaining a visa to Belarus

(photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id= 1MhB4_pzsRACvaysDJYgJ689siOVemrWI )

1. OK16

Incubator of cultural projects, which is located in the historic building, previously owned by the Minsk plant of the October Revolution.

– “CDI”
Workshop with an area of ​​1000 sq. M., In which during the festival there will be an exhibition of modern art “Mythaelems of a thousand years”.

– Workshop “Film”

– Street scene and yard OK16

2. Memorial Museum-workshop of Zair Isaakovich Azgur.
In the past – the creative and personal workshop of the Belarusian Soviet sculptor, at present, the museum functions as a creative laboratory space.

– “The sculptural hall”
The main exposition space of the museum is 204 m², where 283 sculptures of the master are presented, created since 1942.
http://azgur.by/virtualnyj -tur

– “Formatorskaya”
Sculpture workshop, a kind of “artist’s kitchen”. This part of the exhibition presents sculptural materials, tools, machines, frames, forms, sketches and models of monumental works of Zaire Azgur.

– Black room
Gallery space 4.20 x 6.30m.

– Museum courtyard

Conditions for the use of the internal space of the Museum: do not use water, open fire and smoke, do not interact physically with sculptures.

Form for the submission of applications