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Performensk Festival 2019

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Performensk Festival 2019


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Performensk Festival 2019

Performensk is a second edition of the festival focusing on the presentation of performative art – an art which is presented live, “here and now“ in front of the audience. More specifically Performensk aims to present works belonging under fields of:

–experimental theatre
–performance/live art
–sound art

Deadline date: April 15, 2019; City: Minsk, Belarus; Source: Performensk Festival

Performensk Festival 2019
September 6–9, 2019
Minsk, Republic of Belarus

In this open call we are seeking for LONG DURATIONAL PERFORMANCES commissioned specifically for the Performensk 2019 festival and created in response to the festival’s site. Selected artists will be given an opportunity to come for a SHORT-TERM RESIDENCY (approximately one week) before the festival. During the time of the residency participants can prepare their individual projects or to form team(s) and work together. Under the term „long durational performance“ we understand performances whose length will be from several hours to several days and which will be happening simultaneously with the rest of the program.

The theme of this year’s edition of the festival is the SPACE.

It is a broad topic which could be approached from many different angles. From the mathematical perspective our current understanding of the space is largely based on the so called Euclid’s axioms formulated by the ancient mathematician and geometer Euclid. For example that the sum of angles of a triangle equals 180° or that two parallels never intersect.

If we take a step from mathematics and physics we can think of the space in philosophy: the philosophy of space and time representing the whole independent stream of thinking. Its proponents being such figures as Immanuel Kant, Gottfried Leibniz or Martin Heidegger. Many people are fascinated by the infinite cosmic space as well as the microcosmos invisible to the human eye. The space as a space for living is indivisible from our everyday lives. In the context of the mental space we are saying: “My head is full, I have no space for thinking.“ The space which is given to an individual in a society differs significantly in relation to his or her place of origin, social class, economical situation, gender, race, sexual orientation etc.

In the art context the space is one of the basic elements defining the final artwork. What is the relation between the work and the space in which is it realized? Is it possible to transfer the piece into an other location or is it indivisible from the space in which it was created? What is the difference between the transferable projects created for the theatre “black boxes“ (or “white cubes“ of galleries) and site-specific works tightly connected to the particular locations? What is the size of the respective artwork? Is it small, almost invisible or monumental?

There are many factors which influence possibilities of an artist to realize him or herself freely, to „have a space“ for their creation. Artist’s economical situation is one of them. For those financially independent it is easier to create for quite obvious reasons: they do not have to invest energy and time in the money-making and can focus solely on their art. The art market offers an income opportunity but it also brings a risk of commodification. Both the content and the form are being adapted for the purposes of the grant applications, artists are fighting each other for funds. Rather than on the perfectioning of the work the energy is being spent on the self-promotion. Crucial is also the censorship issue. An impossibility to realize oneself freely complicates and deforms the artistic work. While in some communities the value of art for the society is recognized, in other cases the art becomes only a tool supporting the ruling ideology, be it due to the ignorance or with a deliberate power aims.

–technical support
–venue to perform
–promotion of the work
–assistance with obtaining visa to Belarus / issuing the visa to Belarus

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