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LOCULUS Collective are seeking submissions for creative work

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LOCULUS Collective are seeking submissions for creative work


LOCULUS Collective are seeking submissions for creative work of all kinds for an online publication concerned dance, the body, somatic practices, place, and identity.

LOCULUS Collective is a dance collective founded in 2015 in Western Massachusetts. The collective has performed throughout the northeast often in collaboration with DIY musicians and artists in non–traditiona dance performance spaces. In addition to creating, curating, and producing performance events LOCULUS publishes The Loculus Journal. Volume I, Issue I was released August 2015 in print at the debut performance by the collective at The American Legion in Hadley, MA. The Loculus Journalis a platform for engaging critically around questions of the body in dance and performance across discipline and medium. LOCULUS is committed to inclusive, anti-oppressive curation in performance and publishing.

Where: Northampton, MA

When: September 2019

Deadline for applications: August 1, 2019

About LOCULUS + The Loculus Journal

Volume III, Issue I of The Loculus Journal, which will be released in September 2019 is moving to an online format. We are excited about this change for a few reasons – it is more in line with the current performance work of the collective which is primarily the long-distance collaboration between Olana Z Flynn and Madison Palffy and it will allow us to expand the kinds of work we can publish to include media-based projects (sound, video, etc.). Our hope is that moving away from print to an online format will allow The Loculus Journal to function as a platform for conversation and collaboration across distance and discipline.

For Volume III, Issue I we are seeking submissions that engage in questions around somatic practices, race, identity (gender, sexuality, class, ability, etc.), and place. We welcome work of any kind (writing, artwork, etc.) that engages with somatic practice (in dance or in whatever it is you do – gardening, drawing, walking, healing, tattooing, manual labor, making music, activism, dancing in a mosh pit, etc.) in critical, transformative, self-reflective, radical, connected, and/or community-based ways. How is our soma, our body, in dialogue with our culture, identity, race, each other, the environment, and the places we call home?

We come to this question as practitioners of somatic practices and contemporary modern dancers, choreographers, and teachers. These practices, developed in/developing since the 1970s by contemporary choreographers, operate upon an assumption that there is a “neutral” or “natural” body underneath our training and cultural conditioning. Though these practices originally emerged and existed outside of, or at least on the fringes of, major dance institutions, today they have been systemically integrated into contemporary dance aesthetics and pedagogy. Our concern is that through systemic integration, somatics have come to be accepted as universal truth rather than flexible processes and practices fundamentally attached to the lives of the communities practising them and are now directly tied to western systems of colonialism and whiteness. Therefore, they become alienated from other embodied practices (for example some indigenous practices) that do similar mind-body work on their own terms. How do we support and make space for intersectionality in conversations around and practices of somatics?

Submissions are open to everybody regardless of discipline, field, identity, education, academic affiliation, etc. We welcome work that does not fit neatly with our call or even that challenges it. We especially encourage work by folks who have never been published, who have been unable to publish for whatever reason, and/or are living, creating, and organizing in rural communities.

How to register:
Submission Guidelines
Deadline: August 1, 2019 at 11:59PM EST
Where: https://forms.gle/5bs62yPrU84z7t469
What: academic writing, creative writing, interviews, visual art, video, sound – if it can go on a website we accept it. Visual art and short works may be submitted as a series.

Costs for participants: Free

Contact details: LOCULUS Collective

For further information, please visit www.loculuscollective.wixsite.com/loculus