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BOOM Concepts Project Manager

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BOOM Concepts Project Manager



BOOM Concepts Project Manager

Part-Time, $15 Hourly Rate 

BOOM Concepts is a creative hub based in Pittsburgh dedicated to the advancement of POC and LGBTQIA creative entrepreneurs. BOOM Concepts serves as a space for field building, knowledge sharing, peer to peer mentorship, and storytelling. These actions provide a way for creatives to successfully navigate between nonprofit and for-profit sectors as a way to practice contemporarily while having some control over their career trajectory.

The Project Manager will be responsible for overseeing and managing public and in-house events and projects, including facilitating. The project manager will report directly to Pamela Schon. Focuses will be on mural projects, resident programming, The Project manager will have access to BOOM Concepts and will also be able to work remotely to complete management duties.  

Primary duties:

  1. Compile and provide detailed information on ideas, plans, programs, collaborations, partnerships from interested parties ready to be presented to leadership, including timeline to completion and/or fulfillment.
  2. Evaluate BOOM Concepts’ capacity, internal and external resources to complete projects efficiently. 
  3. Create, track and submit weekly reports on work/program/project reports including, but not limited to, status and risk mitigation and assessment reports.
  4. Ensure that projects meet deadlines
  5. Staffing: Manage and utilize the proper staff (our team or hired contracted workers) to help accomplish project and program goals.
  6. Conduct project review and create detailed reports

Secondary duties:

  1. Documentation (in-house) – Accurate record keeping and documentation of 2021-2022 projects and their various stages until completion and archive.
  2. Help keep social media outreach consistent via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (suggestions for social media post and outreach).
  3. The ability to map out detailed information communicating needs of each project, ie: supplies, personnel, cost to BOOM including artist payments.
  4. Handle hiring process (work with Pamela Schon on creating job descriptions,  onboarding and evaluations).


  • 1-3 years project management experience
  • Attention to detail and ability to multitask elements of various projects
  • Leadership skills, time management, organizational, verbal and written communication skills

Please submit your CV/Resume to boomconcepts1@gmail.com, subject “BOOM Concepts Project Manager Inquiry”