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Anthrocon 2019 Artists Alley

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Anthrocon 2019 Artists Alley


Anthrocon 2019 Artists Alley Dates and Quick Links

Anthrocon Artists Alley Lottery Signups are NOW OPEN!
Alley Signups Open: Alley Signups opened at 12:48 AM on 12/23/2018
Alley Signups Close: Alley Signup close date: June 21, 2019

Anthrocon Artists Alley Official Rules, Terms, and Conditions

By participating in Artists Alley, you are agreeing to abide by these Rules, Terms, and Conditions outlined herein. Furthermore, you acknowledge that the interpretation and enforcement of these official Rules is solely the jurisdiction of Artists Alley Management. Attempting to circumvent these rules, or engaging in any practice that is deliberately contrary to management interpretation of these Rules is strictly prohibited. Individuals found to be deliberately violating these Rules may be subject to administrative action, up to but not limited to removal from the convention.

Welcome to Anthrocon Artists Alley, a place for artists to sell their original works of art.

Anthropomorphics conventions are traditionally very art-intensive, and Anthrocon is no exception.
Each year we set aside a place for artists to show off their work, sell their products, and work on commissions for customers.
Known as Artists Alley, this area is available to all artists on a lottery basis.
Space is limited, but we do our best to accommodate as many artists as possible.

The Artists Alley is not the Dealers Room, and is not intended to be used as a free alternative to it. To enforce this, we have established the Artists Alley Rules Below